2nd December 2023 Writing Competition, time&room arrangement (2023-11-18 10:53:21)
2023-24亞洲英文文法大賽 2023-24 Asian English Usage Contest (2023-11-16 00:39:19)
2023-24 加拿大英文寫作大賽「雅卓盃」現場初賽 邀請函 Canadian English Writing Competition 2023-24 (Arch Cup) live Preliminary Competition Invitation letter (2023-10-17 02:11:45)
2023-24 加拿大英文寫作大賽「雅卓盃」入圍賽 入圍名單 The list of shortlisted contestants of "Canadian English Writing Competition 2023-24 (Arch Cup) Elimination" (2023-09-18 17:26:18)
准考證新安排 通告 Notice of New Arrangements for Admission Tickets (2023-08-22 12:20:06)
准考證新安排 通告 Notice of New Arrangements for Admission Tickets

准考證新安排 通告






亞洲英文協會 啟


The association will start the new season. The admission tickets of all participating students will no longer be sent by SMS or mail. Instead, they will be downloaded and printed from the association's website on the designated day, and will be presented on the day of the competition for the competition.

** It is necessary to register an account on the website of the association before downloading the admission ticket
**If you have any questions, please contact the staff of the association.

 **Click here to watch the download tutorial**

Students who need to leave the venue after the competition are required to have a pre-downloaded and signed consent letter from their parents, and submit it to the invigilator before the competition before they can leave the venue by themselves.

**Voluntary departure consent form download**
(Only for Primary 5 and 6 students, Secondary school group can leave without consent letter)

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